Coronavirus (COVID‑19) Government Guidance and Advice – reviewed

24th March 2021

I thought I would post something I have had as a page for some time. It might be of use. it is not up to date, but I don’t think it has really ever changed that significantly.

Or even amuse you. Rather than copy and paste, I will add the link below, so if you are at a loose end and want to understand something of what is going on in the government’s collective mind, as it were, do go and have a look.

I am still working on Cressida Dick’s post which is a bit of a struggle as it needs care and attention as always to get it right and as fair as possible.

And I can’t be bothered to do anything new at the moment.

But I must look at Boris’s road map out of ‘Another fine mess we have got ourselves into’ government.

However, as I make clear in the page link the general public have much to answer for in not checking the GUIDANCE and realising that is all it is.

And you don’t have to follow it. Here’s the link. G is for…..Guidance