Why is water wet?

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

19th July, 2022

I thought about this today. I thought, well, it just is. But then I thought, come on, you can do a bet than that.

So I thought some more. Bingo, I’ve got it it!

This is why water is wet.

Water is five letters. Three of these are the letters w, e and t which together make wet.

The remaining letters are a and r, making ar or ra.

Water can be therefore either ar wet or ra wet.

Ra means God or father. So the whole is ‘God wet’ or ‘father wet’.

So I asked myself is God wet? The answer is yes! Why you ask.

Because God dwells in the heavens, and heavens is ‘he avens’ where avens is another word for avons or rivers.

And rivers are wet of course!

So that is why water is wet. Easy. It’s all in the words.

And ‘In the beginning was the Word…’

P.S. If you want to know the chemistry behind the wetness of water, well that will require more thought. Perhaps someone has written about it. They have. It is rather good I think.

But you might like to know that a full anagram of water is Ewart. And that according to this link, means a water enclosure.

If you want to understand more about heaven try this.

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