Terms, Conditions and Disclaimer

Headmaster: Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

24th October 2020

Our terms are Spring, Summer and Autumn. We do half terms too.

Conditions vary according to the seasons; we do wet and windy, dry and sunny, cool and misty amongst others. If you want other conditions then ask the Most High and He will consider your application.

The disclaimer is that if people dis or diss us, or claim to dis or diss us, then we reserve the right to dis or diss cuss with them the wheres and whyfores.

We will not discuss the whores and Y-fronts as to our knowledge whores don’t wear them (we are very innocent you see, and we don’t want to know anyway).

If you don’t see, then we recommend subscribing to a term with us. Or more terms if you wish. Follow us by all means if that is simpler.

But everything is, as I have said before, all free, so what is the point of it all?

If you wish to use anything feel free. The Most High, who created the universe with the angels, gives everything freely and does not place terms, conditions or disclaimers on His generosity. He does, however, advise against misuse and abuse of His good things, as this will only bring trouble.

So don’t distort anything I have said. Don’t make up anything and claim I have said it. Don’t claim for yourself what I have said. If you believe you have already said it yourself before me, tell me and I will review the matter. I will alter if necessary, and give credit where credit is due.

But don’t forget there is nothing new under the sun, so if I repeat what others have said already that is not surprising. I do not want to profit by it in financial terms (if that were possible) or wish for fame; if I have inadvertently plagiarised something I will not gain from it.

And above all check all I have said. You must always check for yourselves to see if it is true.

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