U is for…..Union.The European Union

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

25th January 2021.

Well, the UK have finished the transition period as such. But we have only just started exiting the clutches of the EU. By my reckoning with regards to WW2, we are in 1941, and have some time to go yet before the war of words is over and ‘The beast’ is defeated.

In such a war, those with the best words win. And those with the best jokes, funny songs and stirring speeches. English contains the best words as we borrow from all languages, uniting the world as a consequence.

I have selected some words which may be of use. I have referred to the following website which seems particularly helpful. Words in italics mainly from the site.


It says that 1839 words start with eu; not as many words in a typical EU directive I imagine, but enough. Sometimes I have explained in detail, sometimes not where you can use your imagination.

Not particularly in any sort of order. Rather like chaos occurring in EU at the moment.

Here goes.

EUropium – A metal as defined in periodic table. Tarnishes quickly. That figures. See link below.


Probably discovered by a British scientist, although he was a Crookes which does not sound promising.

It seems to have some use, but limited. Printing Euro notes figures at the top of the list of uses. Used in low energy light bulbs. When these and the Euro go phut, then will have even more limited use. This makes sense.

EUphemismA mild, indirect, or vague term for one that is considered harsh, blunt, or offensive: Such as ‘the EU is rather useless’. Derived terms include euphemist, the fog that descends over those trying to decipher the rules and regulations.

EUtrophication – The over-enrichment of certain politicians (e.g. from chemical fertilizer or sewage, a.k.a. crap), causing overgrowth and decay of plants, deoxygenation of water, and the death of its organisms i.e countries and citizens. Unless they are German or Germanic of course.

EUgeosyncline‘a former marine zone, bordering an ocean basin, marked by very thick deposits of sediment’. In other words, something with a load of crap on top.

EUphonious – something false or ‘phoney’.

EUcalyptus – a tree from which gum is derived. Once stuck to it, very difficult to get off. Or out of, like the EU.

EUplastics –Plastic can be something ‘Easily influenced; impressionable: “The plastic mind of the bank clerk had been … distorted by what he had read” (Rudyard Kipling).’ From https://www.thefreedictionary.com/plastic.

It follows that euplastics will be people easily influenced and impressionable by the EU. They have been called ‘remoaners’ amongst more polite words.

Note Germany has been instrumental in pushing introducing plastics to the world. And making rather a lot of them it appears. That’s kind of them.

The oceans are full of plastics and we are having to deal with the consequences.

EUrhythmics – a type of dance that the EU goes through to try and entice another country to stay.

Not to be confused with The Eurythmics, a pop duo with members Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart. But you can dance to their music of course, I have.

EUrypterid‘any large extinct scorpion-like aquatic arthropod of the groupEurypterida’. But not yet extinct in the EU’s case. All being well, this shouldn’t take long now.

EUcharistic – strictly a Roman Catholic (RC) tradition based on Jesus Christ’s request to his disciples to remember Him in a particular way.  Sadly, the RC tradition is misplaced. The EU’s characteristic is Roman Catholic, unlike the UK. Which is one good reason to have left.

EUdiometer – something for analysing gases coming from the EU. On the whole these gases stink. See also Eureka later.

EUgenics‘the study of methods of improving the quality of the human race, esp by selective breeding’

Such as practiced by the Nazis, for example. Can’t remember where they came from at the moment.

EUglobulins‘Globular proteins that are insoluble in water but soluble in saline solutions. Most of the body’s globulins are euglobulins.’ Oh dear, no wonder it has been so difficult to get away. This explains the need for new bodies at the resurrection. Get rid of any trace of the EU once and for all.

EUthanasia‘the act of killing someone painlessly, esp to relieve suffering from an incurable illness. Also called: mercy killing’ What the EU seems to want to introduce, although I blame the Nazis/communists. Still, it will be a mercy to kill the EU which is a type of animal or wild beast.

And rather like a beast of Revelation in the Bible. Well, same difference really. No, the same thing. Really. Easy to work out which one and why when you know.

Should also be read as ‘EU than Asia’, but it seems the EU is buckling under pressure from China. So are China carrying out Euthanasia on the EU?

It’s a Nazi (sic) nasty job, but someone’s got to do it.

EUlogize‘To praise highly in speech or writing, especially in a formal eulogy’ Not many now doing this, except those with vested interests in the EU, such as Nazis, communists, big farmers, big pharmas, big chemical industries etc.

EUkaryote – the correct way to grow a carrot as directed by EU. The following may help: https://www.legislation.gov.uk/eudr/2019/990/2020-01-31

Or not.

May remind of Judas the Carrot who betrayed Jesus. Same problem of course.

EUdemonia – evil spirits in the EU. Or the moans of those people of the EU who say ‘What are they on about now??’. This can be rendered differently in various languages. Such as Spanish ‘De que estan ellos ahora?’, French ‘De quoi parlent-ils maintenant?’ and Italian ‘Di cosa parlano adesso?’.

Simply translates as WTF or ‘What’s this for?’ Or something like that.

EUglenoid – a Scotsman (or Scotswoman maybe?) who still supports the EU.

‘Glen’ is a valley in Scotland in case you weren’t aware.

EUphorbia – the EU supports beer as long it is Belgian, German or Lager in general. But not necessarily real ale such as in the UK.

Still, they don’t have to drink it, real ale, if they don’t want to.

EUphrasy – phrases which no one understands, not even the bureaucrats who invented them.

The following 59 page document may help:

I should have added ‘if you have trouble getting to sleep’. Sorry about that.

See also EUphrates below.

EUphrates – rates charged by EU for UK membership. Exorbitant. See EUtaxy later.

EUtectic‘Of, relating to, or formed at the lowest possible temperature of solidification for any mixture of specified constituents. Used especially of an alloy whose melting point is lower than that of any other alloy composed of the same constituents in different proportions.’ Not sure I am any the wiser without some thought. Mmm…..

Ok, but probably easier than understanding EU laws.

EUtectoid – a eutectic mixture or alloy. Like iron and clay. Some things just don’t hold together. Like sovereign states in a federal Europe.

EUsocial – meals/parties at tax payers’ expense. Sorry, I mean contributionists’ expense. See EUtaxy at end.

EUchring‘a card game usually played with a deck of 24 cards in which each player is dealt 5 cards and the team or player calling Trump (sic) must win at least three tricks to score points for the hand.’

EU players may have been ringing President Trump, but seems a bit harsh to win at least three tricks. After all, the Demoncrats in the USA have been up to a lot more tricks than that, but can ring him with no tricks if they wish, I presume.

They may be trying to ring Joe Biden now, but as he is suffering from dementia it will be Kamala Harris instead. So a load of devils trying to contact another load of devils. See Kamala Harris and the Triumvirate post for more information.

EUcaines – what the EU beats its citizens with. Caines also known as rulers or rules. In other languages may be called Khans. We have one in London as mayor at the moment.

EUpepsy – A sort of coca cola in the EU. Rots the gut they say. Makes sense.

EUnuchs – Explained elsewhere, see under, heading Balls


EUreka – A type of smell emanating from a bureaucratic organisation. As in ‘The whole thing stinks to high heaven’.

Which is why it has reached the Most High and He and his angels, high and low, are working to remove the smell and its source once and for all.

I have asked Him why He did not notice the earlier. It is simple, He said, ‘I am the Most High, as in the smelliest. So how could I tell? I had to have someone brave enough to point it out to me.’

I rather think He was teasing me. But then if He is the ‘Big Cheese’ maybe not.

See https://www.phrases.org.uk/meanings/64350.html

And His Son is Cheesus I have heard it said. Usually spelt ‘Jesus’ of course. And He has the same nature as the Most High.

EUripus‘sea channel characterized by turbulent and unpredictable currents’.

Not sure that unpredictable quite applies, except in as much you cannot be sure what rubbish the EU will come up with next.

More likely derived from ‘EU rip us’, as in rip us off. Money paid in, not much back.

Possibly also the pus from something disease ridden, or corrupted. Like the EU.

EUtopia – An impossible dream for some, a reality to come for others.

But not through the EU which is a bureaucratic nightmare.  A dystopia. Which is why the UK left it.

However, Europe would be fine with independent states and countries. Is that the Utopia we are looking for, a Europe with no wars and whores perhaps? Something to work towards, to fight for.

See below for explanation of Utopia which is the related word.


EUtaxy‘Obsolete: a state of good order’. I suppose true, in the sense that it is Germanic order with lots of lovely rules to follow if you are Germanic. Including the obsolete part, the EU is obsolete.

It is also, obviously, the tax rules that come from the EU. Also known as ‘contributions’.

If you trust anything the BBC says nowadays try this.


Note that whilst the Germans pay the most, the countries adjoining do rather well out of it. This helps the Germans with trade and business as the Germans are rather poor, and have ‘never caused Europe much problem since World War I’ (sic).

Luxembourg is ‘even poorer presumably’ (sick*), so needs as much help as possible.

Strictly they should be ‘Con tributions’. Rather like a tribute of old to a conqueror from the conquered. Only it’s a con of course.

Hang on; I thought the UK and its allies won World War 2…..

* This may be a sic (sic) joke.

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