Why is an ‘m’ an ‘m’?

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

28th April 2021

Good question. But easy to answer. 42 of course, the ultimate answer.

However, to explain in more detail, it is because an m consists of two n’s. nn joined together. Squeeze them up tight and then see result. An ‘m’.

The reason the answer is 42 is also simple. There are 2 n’s. Each has two ‘legs as it were. 2 + 2 = 4. 4 and 2. 42. Easy peasey.

There is also another answer to why an m is an m. It is used as an abbreviation for married in a family tree. Married means a MAN (a husband to be) and a WOMAN (a wife to be) get joined together in what was and still is in some quarters called holy matrimony.

Holy means in this case ‘wholly’ as in whole and complete. A man and woman made complete. A reminder of when Adam and Eve were in the Garden of Eden, and joined again hand in hand after Eve was formed from Adam.

And the two 2 legs became three legs. ‘Three legs?’ I hear you cry. Yes three. In marriage the two, man and woman become one. Two legs joined together. A three legged race. To successfully walk or run without collapsing in a heap on the ground they must co-operate and co-ordinate their efforts.

‘A one, a two, a one, two, three and middle leg, outer legs, middle leg, outer legs etc etc.’ When you need to turn, then one leg on the outside stops and rotates whilst the others go at different speeds to accommodate the degree of turning.

And so it is in marriage, or m for short. You must work together, wanting to go in the same direction; otherwise you will fall over or else tear yourself apart. But why tear yourselves apart, when you wanted to be together?

Anyway, in m two n’s meet. Just like in marriage. And in marriage it is important that you make n’s meet. That is, you make ‘ends’ meet, as that is what it sounds like, and ‘sounds like’ often reveals truths you may not have thought about before.

If you don’t make ends meet you are likely to quarrel. A quarrel is also a crossbow bolt. If you get cross you can quarrel and if you quarrel with your ‘bow’ or ‘beau’, then you will be quarrelling with the one you considered (hopefully still consider) beautiful.

Which is not very sensible as you might end up dividing and making a bolt for it, as it were. A ‘cross beau’ bolt!

Of course a quarrel can be productive if at the end you forgive each other. You can then make both ends meet again. Which can give rise to interesting possibilities if you know what I mean, nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

We should consider the word ‘matrimony’ as well as holy. You can break the word down thus:

Matri-mony – from ‘matri’ meaning ‘mother’ and ‘mony’ probably money, such as housekeeping money, money given to mother to manage the household. This was often the husband giving the wife his wages for her to manage the household budget.

This avoided the arguments that women have often made in recent years that they are discriminated against. And could set in balance the view taken historically that certain decisions of the family unit be finally settled by the husband/father after consideration of all the facts.

This is where the local, household decisions, as it were, which did not unduly affect neighbours etc, could be delegated to the mother. A reasonable state of affairs, and one mirrored in society at large once upon a time.

Until mini-Hitler’s came along, all too often female, to dominate the world. I have a female friend who, along with her husband and children, lived in Germany for a number of years. She saw this going on in that country, and makes sense given what I see what Germany has done over the years.

We see it across the world of course, especially in the USA with its ‘triumverate’ of women in the White House leading the so-called president ‘Sleepy Joe, where am I? Biden’. Hiden’ away most of the time it seems.

Anyway, holy matrimony or marriage can lead to children all being well (and with plenty of vitamin D for both parties, as D stands in this case for Daddy and is vital in conception and babies health).

Then you will need some assistance. Grandparents are then of great help, particularly grandmothers or g’ma’s for short. Short or tall it doesn’t matter of course. G’ma’s are also called nanas or nannies.

It is possible to employ a nanny if you are rich enough to afford one. These can be called an ‘au pair’ although they usually come as one person, not two. As they should have two hands this makes sense of the ‘pair’ word.

However, I am looking at m’s, not au pairs. But I am looking at a pair of n’s. N can stand for ‘no’ and is negative or implies a negative in most languages I have looked at so far, whether it’s na, ne, ni, no or even nu.

So nana or nanny is in essence ‘no no’ (although nanny has 3 n’s so that’s no, no, no, which may explain why it is better to have a nana or grandmother than employ a nanny. This will require another post in due course).

But we have seen that two n’s make an m. And what does ‘m’ mean? The following is interesting.


It certainly is not negative that I can see. An m can be used as ‘Mm?’ like a question. Or ‘Mm’ meaning I’ll think about it. Or even ‘Mmm’ as in yummy!

But it can be ‘Mm’ as in ‘Yes, ok.’ See following link


And it is interesting that nanas or nannies (as opposed to nannies employed by the rich) tend to say yes to their grandchildren (parents of said children would say spoil them, but grandmothers say that is what grandmothers are for no doubt).

For various reasons I did not meet my paternal grandmother until I was 18 which I explain somewhere else in due course. So I only had my maternal grandmother. She took me to see some of the sights and some museums in London, and in a way spoilt me, although in a good way.

In any event, coming back to marriage, the coming together of two n’s, a man and a woman, brings questions, thinking about them, agreeing on the outcome, and then enjoying them. That is what marriage is about.

Finally, it is interesting to note that ‘nu’ means naked in French. Which takes us back to Adam and Eve in the garden when they were ‘naked and not afraid’. 

Well that is all something to meditate on (meditate starts with ‘m’ of course!).

And now you know the reason why an m is an m.

If you have any other reasons let me know, I am always interested.

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

Thinking about matrimony, how about dancing to Mony, mony by Tommy James and the Shondells? Here’s a link.

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