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21st June 2020.

Welcome! This newly opened  establishment, Le Manoir des Quatre Saisons, is run by my Father, my Older Brother and myself, Baldmichael. We have been getting the place ready for you. You should find it clean and tidy, and, whilst the menu will initially be ‘très simple’, the Chef intends to extend the range in due course.

You can stay at the Manoir too. There is plenty of room. In fact it never seems to get full, despite all the people who come, and stay and have been here for years. You may meet them from time to time. But my Father and Brother look after that side.

As regards the menu, we will keep all ‘les choix’ as they are added, unless of course they can be improved. The menu will hopefully expand with the seasons, we always seek to use fresh ingredients wherever possible. We can’t promise, but look out for daily specials!

And if there is nothing that you fancy below, do ask. The chef will be delighted to oblige if he can. We circulate among our guests, and will be most happy to chat with you. The Chef comes out too from his kitchen, to make sure everything is in order. I don’t know how He does it, in and out like a flash.

My Father and Brother are the same. Me, I am a bit of a plodder, but I am no less pleased to see you. Any complaints, please tell us. But if you really don’t enjoy it, well there are other establishments.

Bon appétit!




  1. A is for…..Anti-social distancing
  2. B is for…..Black Lives Matter
  3. C is for…..C. Vitamin C
  4. D is for…..D. Vitamin D A supplement to turn it into a mains – or have as a separate starter More Vitamin D
  5. E is for…..England
  6. F is for…..Fathers’Day
  7. G is for…..Giants
  8. H is for…..Hitler
  9. I is for…..Ireland
  10. J is for…..not sure yet
  11. K is for…..Keys
  12. L is for…..Love Letter
  13. M is for…..Masks
  14. N is for…..I don’t know, why ask me?
  15. O is for…..etc, etc
  16. P is for…..
  17. Q is for…..
  18. R is for…..Race Why not try this supplement to turn it into a mains – or have as a separate starter R is for…..Racism
  19. S is for…..Scotland Why not go the whole hog, or haggis, and add this for a mains S is for…..S.N.P.
  20. T is for…..Truth
  21. U is for…..
  22. V is for…..Virus
  23. W is for…..Wales
  24. X is for…..
  25. Y is for…..
  26. Z is for Zinc


  1. A is for…..Angels
  2. B is for…..something, I’ll think of something
  3. C is for…..Chocolate
  4. D is for…..
  5. E is for…..Europe
  6. F is for…..
  7. G is for…..God
  8. H is for…..
  9. I is for…..
  10. J is for…..
  11. K is for…..Kings This is very large pudding, like having everything off the sweet trolley
  12. L is for…..
  13. M is for…..Music
  14. N is for…..
  15. O is for…..
  16. P is for…..Planets
  17. Q is for…..
  18. R is for…..Resurrection
  19. S is for….. States of the U.S.A. This is vast, suitable for a party
  20. T is for…..
  21. U is for…..Union. European Union


Wine List

The Refectory

If you are a follower of Jesus Christ then you may care to visit. Refectory food is usually very good. Wholesome, well presented, simple. Like me. Well, I don’t know about well presented; hopefully wholesome anyway. Simple? Perhaps, perhaps not. You can judge for yourselves.

If the refectories do open again if they are not already, I can recommend them from past experience. People are generally friendly too from past experience. I trust nothing has changed in that regard.

If you do not follow Jesus then you are still very welcome of course. Everyone is in my books. We are currently preparing the menu and will be opening for business when we have a few recipes together.

The restaurant at the end of the universe

As large numbers of businesses seems to be closing, it is about time we opened up more places to eat.

So here at the End of the Universe is the last one that I will have. There will be others in between of course. I might go sideways into another dimension, of course. There is plenty of space in hyperspace a.k.a the internet.

It is the last and not the first. The omega of restaurants if you will. Or perhaps the Z or ‘Zed’, like bed at the end of the day, when you sleep and dream. And where you will find the ultimate answers to the ultimate questions.

So if you shouldn’t find what you are looking for like U 2, why not try asking me? And if there is only one of you (as opposed to you two), you can ask me as well. But as there is only one of me, and if at least two of you, if you are U2, not all at once please. Or indeed all at twice. I do hope that’s clear.

You never know, I might. Know that is. I can always say no, if I don’t. Know that is.

There may be no obvious logic to the order. But you can order what you like.

Please be patient, the chef has to prepare the recipes. If you are not sure how patient you will have to be think of NHS waiting times. Half of that, and divide by 13, my number and considered lucky by many (not that i believe in luck, as I have said already somewhere).

You might arrive at the correct solution or liquid. Which might be a soup. Whatever, enjoy it when it arrives (if you like enjoying things of course). If you want to be paranoid like Marvin the Android, that’s your affair.

And if you do, just go and make the tea will you? Thank you.

Table Space

Table space

Table Space

Table Space

666 – NEW!

Our fish is responsibly caught from sustainable sources. And our sauces are excellent!