Z is for…..Zinc

11th August 2020

Kitchen zinc. Boom, boom! Get it? Zinc, sounds like sink. Oh never mind. Of course they don’t make sinks out of zinc. Stainless steel, yes, ceramic, yes, composites yes, but not zinc. Unless anyone knows better of course, in which case tell me.

It would, however, be rather problematic as if you had copper supply pipes there is always the risk of electrolytic action and deterioration. Perforations would eventually occur in the zinc and the water would flood out. Like the flavour from Tetley tea bags, as the advert from the 1980’s puts it.

Personally, I prefer loose tea as opposed to having it stuffed inside a paper bag with holes. I mean, I can do that myself. Tea in a pot is best, silver tea pot if you have one. The leaves can move around and really let the flavour out.

However, I am not supposed to be talking about tea but zinc. Why? I hear you cry. Louder please. WHY? That’s better. Well, zinc, as in metal, has lots of uses. You can look it all up. The Royal Society for Chemistry has an excellent periodic table, very user friendly, and good to look at too. The use I’m interested in is biological use.

And mainly to do with depression. You know, feeling down in the dumps all the time, can’t be bothered, its all too much. And like the words in a song by George The Poet & Maverick Sabre – Follow The Leader.

Round, round we go

And it’s down, down we fall

Round, round we go

If we’re dying on the inside

How we gonna live right

I have been there myself when I was younger, thinking how awful things are, and spiralling down inside. Even if the sun was shining, and I was indoors, like in lockdown. But see the following which might lift you. L is for…..Lockdown and G is for…..Guidance.

The WHO say ‘Depression is a common mental disorder affecting more than 264 million people worldwide’. And that’s the World Health Organisation, not the band. I would rather listen to the Who rather than the WHO, better music for a start. Much better. You would be less depressed if you did, I think.

Might want to smash something up afterwards of course, like they, the Who, used to do occasionally. But you might feel a bit better. Or not, depending on what you smash. Anyway, the Who, the members that are left have grown up and taken up fishing etc I believe. But still touring it seems. Once this lockdown nonsense is over. Go it lads.

But what about zinc? ‘Get to the point man!’ Don’t rush me, I’m getting there. Well, I found some articles about zinc deficiency possibly affecting mood. They have done tests on rats, apparently.

Look, it is blindingly obvious that lack of zinc is going to be an issue. It’s in the name. In German, senke means to reduce, to lower, to dip. So if you don’t have enough zinc in your blood stream you will zinc, sorry, sink. Down and down.

It may take some time and you should seek advice, but if you are depressed, get your blood tested. You may need to boost your intake.

And if you know someone who’s down you should try and encourage them to take zinc. But I don’t recommend doctor’s in general for advice. They are not trained in that sort of thing. I shall be speaking severely to doctors in due course. Note to self etc.

You may, of course, have or know a doctor who has wisdom. Or there’s the internet to research. Don’t necessarily go to the first Tom, Dick or Harry or the top one on the search list. The best advertisers are by no means the best at what they are offering.

And finally, folks, what about that song, Follow the leader. I am not that keen on the tune. Bit depressing, to be honest. I prefer Pharrell Williams ‘Happy’ song. Great to dance to. Cheers one up.

But the words of Follow The Leader are good, and meaningful. But Follow which leader? Well, there is a Man who says ‘Do not be called leaders; for One is your Leader, that is, Christ’. I have followed him for many years now, not as closely as I should, but I am keeping up now.

So there you have it. If you are depressed, my guidance is the following:

Zinc for your body, Happy song to dance to, and Christ to follow. Simples.


P.S. If you need some more encouragement regarding dealing with depression then try this. D is for…..Doom

P.P.S. The reason we need to top up zinc is because it depletes as we use it. It is part of the electrolytic action in our body which helps our nerves communicate instructions to the various organs etc.

It is working in the same way as batteries do in essence.

And the reason lack of zinc causes us to sink, is that the ‘z’ is the reverse of ‘s’. It reverses that ‘zinking’ feeling!

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