S is for…..S.N.P.

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

24th August 2020

I have mentioned under S is for…..Scotland the visit of my wife and I to a B & B in Ayrshire. Our visit was just before the Scottish independence referendum. Perhaps I was overly sensitive, but I sensed tension in the air. The proprietor of Heughmill, near Ayr, was all for staying in the UK.

He could see that raising taxes as the SNP intended would just drive out wealth producers and Scotland would be impoverished as a consequence.

I have never understood why the Scots might want to leave the UK seeing as so many of them have been intimately involved in its affairs, and helped run the country. And its banks.

Still, a majority of the voters saw sense and Scotland stayed in. Not that the SNP aren’t still trying to get back into Europe. I can’t see them succeeding, not with dear Nicola in charge. And she does look like ‘Wee Jimmy Krankie’.

But not as funny. I found this link to the Krankies on youtube. If you need a laugh have a look.

Personally, I can’t see the SNP as funny, unless you mean funny ‘peculiar’ rather than funny ‘ha –ha’. SNP is supposed to stand for Scottish National Party. Well, Wikipedia says SNP is ‘Pàrtaidh Nàiseanta na h-Alba’ in Gaelic.

I tried this on Google Translate. The first part ‘Pàrtaidh Nài’ means ‘Naïve Party’ whilst the second ‘seanta na h-Alba’ means ‘old Scottish’. Now old Scottish doesn’t sound too bad to me, having myself old Scottish roots.

But ‘Naïve party’ just sounds rather foolish. Merriam- Webster’s website defines ‘Naïve’ in this way, amongst others. ‘Deficient in worldly wisdom or informed judgment’.

SNP may also stand for Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology if you Google SNP. Interesting it has ‘Nicola’ in the middle. It seems it is part of Sonic Healthcare, a world-wide group.

And its symbol looks like SS. Reminds me of the SS of Nazi fame, or infamy more like. Which is perhaps why the Scottish variety might be called the Scottish Nazi Party. All of which makes sense.

The Wikipedia entry for the SNP lists the National Executive Committee. The list is confusing. Some people’s names are on the right, with their role on the left, others have this reversed. And there is someone listed as ‘a member representing the SNP BAME Network’.

Perhaps whoever provided the information couldn’t spell the person’s name so opted for the general idea. I suspect the representative was called ‘Mustafa B’ta Ai’dere Ben Mor’on Fataah’ or something like that.

Yet again SNP could refer to single nucleotide polymorphisms. See link.


It says here ‘Most SNPs have no effect on health or development.’ Sounds about right. I found this in the Scotsman.


You can’t really argue with that, can you?

I have said it before that going from First Minister Salmond to a Sturgeon is rather fishy. It’s in the symbol ‘tho, if you hadn’t noticed. An upside down, head down fish.

Symbolic of where Scotland is going under the SNP. Down the plug hole.

The SNP website has a shop menu. How wonderful. You can buy all sorts of goodies, like face masks. There are various examples. Make the wearers look like criminals. See M for…..Masks if you want my views on the wearing thereof.

There is a black T shirt with the statement ‘Stop the world, Scotland wants to get on. Yes.’ Not sure that the world isn’t stopped, or at least slowed down, with Covid 19 just now. So I don’t think there is much to get on in the world at the moment. And what does ‘Yes’ mean here? Perhaps they might like to reconsider the design.

I see the Conservative and Labour Party websites don’t appear to have a shop. That’s a relief.

This all seems rather depressing if you are Scottish, although next time you vote perhaps you can do something about it.

It is worth asking the question ‘How did we get to such an abysmal situation?’.

Well it is a long story. But basically as Edmund Burke might have said ‘The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.’

So if you want chaos and incompetence to continue, just sit back and let the world collapse around you. Or you could do what John Knox did and fight for your country. Wikipedia says:

He has also been described as having contributed to the struggle for genuine human freedom, by teaching a duty to oppose unjust government in order to bring about moral and spiritual change. His epitaph reads: “Here lies one who feared God so much that he never feared the face of any man.”

Fear of God evokes terror in most people’s minds. But Jesus speaks of Him as a heavenly Father who gives sunshine and rain to all, good and bad.

Not someone to be trifled with mind. Jesus says He, the Father, won’t forgive you if you don’t forgive others who have caused you grief in some way.

But if you will rely totally on the Father, you won’t fear anybody else. You can be like Andrew Melville, who was alive during the last half of John Knox’s life. He called King James VI of Scotland, later also King James I of England, “God’s sillie vassal” according to Wikipedia.

So perhaps you need someone like John Knox to stand up to the ‘Silly vassals’ of the SNP.

Or another Melville perhaps?

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