Wuhan ‘flu

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

4th July 2021

Or “Wuhan ‘flu over the nest of cuckoo’s”. To be cuckoo in the UK at least is to be mad. And most people seem to have gone mad over the Wuhan ‘flu, a.k.a Covid 19.

It all started at Wuhan, China they say. They say it could have come from a market selling bats. That’s the flying variety, not cricket bats. Whether the market sells crickets I don’t know. Crickets might taste like locusts which are edible so they say.

People used to eat locusts in Africa I gather. But not cricket bats. After all, you would have to be batty to eat a cricket bat wouldn’t you?

Anyway, there is also the theory that the ‘flu came from a Wuhan laboratory, that it was fabricated there. Well, fabricated is correct, but I mean the theory not the virus. It is easy to advertise a theory when you have control over much of the world’s mainstream media.

I shall do my own pages on this in due course but others have done lots of work on this already. You ought to do your own research as always to see who owns this media.

As well as see who controls the W.H.O. too!

Anyway, back to Wuhan. Wuhan is in central China. See this link for general information.


Now it is not rocket science to observe that it is very cold in the winter. That is typical of a continental climate. The city is highly polluted. And the end result is inversion layers suppressing the rising pollution and results in horrible smogs.

These smogs cause respiratory diseases. Which is what the Wuhan ‘flu has been about in Wuhan. Note the following:


Yes, even the BBC can get some things right, at least about reporting on pollution! Although they still seem to suggest that Coronavirus is something different, it is not clear in the article.

The thing is viruses are not nor never have been biological but are chemical. See V is for…..Virus What is currently mistaken for a virus is in fact the exosome, part of the body’s defence system which I have explained elsewhere. E is for…..Exosomes

Yes, laboratories do come into the equation, but only as regards chemical poisons and their synthesis. Bacteria can, it seems, be manipulated in a laboratory and genes altered to affect the coding. This might create something nasty, but this deflects the attention from all the horrible poisons out in the world already.

The following is well worth reading.

I have extracted the following link from the above article. Pity I didn’t find it earlier. Again a must if you want to understand diseases. I would not necessarily agree with all of it without careful analysis, but substantially I consider it both accurate and reasonable.


Now, I have tried anagramming Wuhan flu. I do this for people names with surprising results. In this case the same applies.

awful hun – an awful German perhaps?

UHWA – Searching this acronym brings the following:


Please note link to China! Coincidence or not? Well, as regards  China that is fascinating, but regards awful hun, well I have said elsewhere that the Germans, strictly Prussia and more strictly still the Nazi’s/communist are behind all the Covid 19 nonsense.

Plus two other groups which I have yet to go into detail.

China, at least its government,  may well have been complicit in the deceit, but that is another matter. In truth there are lots of viruses, lots of chemical poisons out there in the world, many of which have originated in Germany, both discovered/invented and exploited by Germany, its scientists and its industrialists.

Many of whom went over to the U.S.A. and set up companies there.

So if you have yet to see the Covid 19 Summary the link is at the bottom which will explain all so far.

But in short, no the virus did not originate in Wuhan, or a laboratory or market there, it is just it has been made to appear so.

And appearances can be deceiving. So many are deceived. So why not explain to them the truth?

For as someone said ‘The truth will set you free’.

Covid 19 Summary This contains several sub-links to set out various issues raised by Covid 19

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