V is for…..Virus

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

14th September 2020

Virus. Sounds like ‘via us’. This is interesting, as via comes from Latin, as does virus. This link is a good start for its defined meaning.


Merriam-Webster as always is a good source


I summarise viruses into the following;

    1. Poison, slime, venom – as in the original sense which affects humans and other creatures.
    2. Poison of the mind – as in lies, which deceive us in to doing stupid things.
    3. Poison of computers – or computer viruses as we call them, pieces of code that corrupt or jam up the operating system.

Interestingly, all these three are in fact code in some way. The poison of our bodies is described by Wikipedia as;

A virus is a tiny infectious agent that reproduces inside the cells of living hosts. When infected, the host cell is forced to rapidly produce thousands of identical copies of the original virus. Unlike most living things, viruses do not have cells that divide; new viruses assemble in the infected host cell. But unlike simpler infectious agents like prions, they contain genes, which allow them to mutate and evolve. Over 4,800 species of viruses have been described in detail[1] out of the millions in the environment. Their origin is unclear: some may have evolved from plasmids—pieces of DNA that can move between cells—while others may have evolved from bacteria.

However, please note that etymonline said that the modern understanding dates from 1880’s. This is hardly surprising, as this is just after modern evolutionary theory was coming into vogue, and taken up enthusiastically by German intellectuals in particular.

And we really should be suspicious of German intellectuals, especially as the Germans have led the world into three world wars. Yes, three. As I have said elsewhere, this Covid 19 crisis is a war of words, affecting the whole world.

Words can be made into lies, and so are a series of letters or code. Bad code, or lies, twist the mind and distort our thinking. If we end up believing a lie or series of lies, we die, either by poisoning ourselves or occasionally, committing suicide.

But what of viruses affecting the body? The Romans knew they were poisons, and poisons are chemical, not biological as the latest theories suppose. That still makes them codes, but simpler codes of elements.

You will hopefully know CO2 for carbon dioxide and H2O for water. Poisons are highly complex chain sequences of elements. I found Wikipedia’s entry to Urushiol, which relates to poison ivy. This is a sequence given in a box in the top right hand corner of the page. R = (CH2)7CH=CHCH2CH=CHCH2CH=CH2.

I won’t pretend to understand it all, but hopefully you will see what I mean.

The truth of the matter is that viruses cannot be considered biological, and do not mutate. The latter supposition is a lie promulgated by evolutionary theorists.

What are the consequences of chemical viruses to us? I identify three mains points.

    1. That they can be created by our own bodies, waste products we don’t need. If you don’t pee, poo or perspire you will have a problem.
    2. That we can eat something we shouldn’t, that is poisonous, such as poison ivy, or man-made chemicals, or food additives.
    3. That we can be deliberately poisoned, such as by injection, or gassed, like troops were in World War One.

So the meaning of virus is in the name, ‘Via us’. Viruses arise out of ourselves primarily. Only ignorance or maliciousness will result in the other two options.

And I know who is the root cause of those. Lucifer as he was once known, or Loopy Lucy as I call him now.  Satan is another name you may know him by. He is a liar and is a murderer from the beginning.

He is responsible for the external viruses and poisons, including computer viruses which are all made up by his children, of which there are many. Both children and viruses. Liars and lies.

But I have him by the short and curlies as they say, now I know the truth about his machinations over Covid 19.

So don’t be afraid of ‘The Virus’. Put your trust in the Most High and His son Jesus Christ and ask them for wisdom. Don’t rely on your own understanding.

It is not ‘Via us’.

It’s ‘Via them’.


P.S. If you wish to know about Covid 19 please go to Covid 19 Summary

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