Daniel Andrews

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

27th January, 2022

‘Emergency, emergency! Make way, make way! The premier has hurt his poor little self and needs attention at once. Make way, make way!’

Well, actually, I think he hurt himself back in March. In fact he hurt his back, back in March. It says so in Wikipedia.


I have been vaguely aware of this chap for a little while and was reminded that Victoria does have a problem with him. Victoria is not his wife or his mistress (does he have a mistress?), it is the state of Victoria in Australia.

This is a state in a state as Danny boy mishandles the situation. The latest mistake was this video by the excellent Carl Vernon from YouTube.

Anyway, as old Baldy was feeling sorry for the Victorians (is this an era?), he thought he might come to their collective rescue to see what he could do.

I use Wikipedia as a basis as usual. It starts with this.

Andrews initially worked as a research and political officer, before being elected to the Victorian Legislative Assembly at the 2002 election for the seat of Mulgrave.

As he was born in 1972 he would have been about thirty years old at the time. Now, this is serious, as he was elected to the seat of Mul-grave. Within this area is the suburb of Dandenong North.

Dandenong sounds like Dan de nong. A nong is an idiot in Australian slang – see below.


Anagram of Dandenong is ‘an dong end’. A dong is a penis in slang according to


So what does this make Danny boy Andrews? Any thoughts?

1          Early life

I gather he was educated at the Marxist Brothers’ Galen Catholic College. At least I think so, but my eyesight’s not too good at the moment.

Whether they are the comedy act I’m not sure, but I assume they are or were related to the Marx Brothers of Hollywood fame.

The college is in Wangaratta. The top anagram is ‘Angara twat’. Is this significant?

Apparently he went to Monash University, where he was a resident, it is said, of Manics College. But as I said, my eyesight’s not too good at the moment, so I may be wrong.

Is Monash University related to the Marxist Brothers’ Galen Catholic College? If so does this make it a monashtry?? You know, where monksh go?

 I gather he graduated with a BA degree in politics and classics in 1996. It would have made him 24 years old which seems rather late to get a degree as even I managed to get my BSc at age 21years old. Perhaps Dan took three years off. Or is a bit slow. Anybody know?

After graduating, Andrews became an electorate officer for federal Labor MP Alan Griffin. He worked at the party’s head office from 1999 to 2002, initially as an organiser, and then as assistant state secretary.

So he has never done anything practical or of any real use then. That figures.

2          Political career

2.1      Bracks Government (2002–2007)

I thought at first this meant he was part of Barak’s government in the USA. Silly me, who would elect someone as dim as Danny in the USA? Well, as Joe Biden is allegedly in power at the moment in the States, US citizens apparently.

Some of them are not that bright. I gather they call them democrats over there. Some of the republicans are not that bright either. I gather they call them rinose (sic) for some reason. Whonose?

Still, there are rumours of cheating, voter fraud. But these are just rumours of course. Possibly.

2.2      Brumby Government (2007–2010)

I thought at first this meant he was part of Mr Gumby’s government.


Monty Python did well-known sketches too.

In 2008, Andrews voted in favour of abortion law reform in Victoria.[5] As Health Minister during the passing of the Abortion Law Reform Act 2008, Andrews sought counsel from senior church clergy who advised him that the act was contrary to Church teaching. Andrews replied that he “… did not intend to be a Catholic health minister. It was my intention to be a Victorian health minister”.

I am not sure why he bothered to seek counsel from senior church clergy if he was going to vote in favour of abortion. Rather like J. B.Pritzker in Illinois if abortion had been passed earlier, Victoria might not be suffering so much now.

It was your’…intention to be a Victorian health minister.’ was it Danny? Buggered that up then, didn’t you Danny? Not looking at the up-to-date ways of dealing with Covid 19, but going back to the Victorian period.

When I say up-to-date, I mean realising the Covid 19 is the ‘flu and vitamins C and D are particularly crucial to dealing with it, rather than masks, lockdowns, vaccines etc etc. Twat.

2.3      Opposition (2010–2014)

Labor took the lead in the polls in mid-2012 and held it for all but a few months until the election, though Andrews consistently trailed his Liberal counterparts, Ted Baillieu (2010–2013) and Denis Napthine (2013–2014) as preferred premier. Andrews consistently trailed his Liberal counterparts

This reminds me of Joe Biden. He is a career politician too and has done nothing practical in his life. He is currently buggering up the USA.

As I have indicated, Danny boy doing the same to Victoria (the state, not his girlfriend, it is rumoured).

Again it is rumoured that voter fraud was the cause of Labor winning in Victoria. But this is just rumour. Unless you know better of course.

3          Premier of Victoria (2014–present)

3.1      2014 election

Labor held 43 seats at dissolution but notionally held 40 after the redistribution of electoral boundaries. It thus needed a swing to win five seats to form government.

Labour needed a swing to play on. They did get this. But not a landslide which can be fun to play on as well. Of course that might have been a bit suspicious, so perhaps in Australia they are a bit more careful about how many dead people vote.

“The people of Victoria have today given to us the greatest of gifts, entrusted to us the greatest of responsibilities and bestowed upon us the greatest of honours. We will not let them down!”

Buggered that up then, didn’t you Danny?

He was sworn in as premier on 4 December.

Apparently now he is being sworn at. This is what happens, Danny, when you bugger things up.

Note the red cap and jacket rather like a Chinese coolie. The communist like red. Mmm…skating on thin ice I think Danny.

Like Mork in Mork and Mindy is he trying to contact the alien control? Or the CCP in China. Or even (a bit desperate I know) Joe Biden?

Or perhaps he is just checking what lies between his ears?

‘Nope, still nothing there.’

By the way, is he using his fingers or a single wooden dowel which has passed right through? Difficult to tell (as I say my eyesight’s not that great at the moment).

He is wearing blue shirt and tie. This sends mixed messages Danny. Twat.

3.2      First term


This seems to have been a waste of money. Still, what do you expect from Labor

On 24 May 2016 Andrews made an official apology in parliament for gay men in Victoria punished during the time homosexuality was a crime in the state. It was decriminalised in 1981.

So as I understand it he was apologising to the buggers (who I believe are those who listen in to other people’s conversations). This was so he could then have an excuse when buggering up Victoria (see earlier). Makes sense to me.

However, I would point out that it was presumably homosexual acts decriminalised, not homosexuality as such. Indeed, I believe that has always been the case. Merely because you feel inclined to something, doesn’t make you do that thing you are inclined towards.

And feelings have not been criminalised. Thought the current crop of Nazis/communists would like to try it seems.

3.2.1  Ending ambulance dispute

26, September 2019

“2% Pay Award an Insult”

Looks like the ambulance staff are not all that happy despite Danny’s promises.

And he received a much bigger pay increase for buggering up Victoria. Not sure how he managed that.

3.2.2  China

Upon his election, Andrews fast-tracked Victoria’s ties with the PRC.


his government signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Chinese government under the Belt and Road Initiative

This roughly translates as ‘We, the PRC, will belt you and road (sic) roughshod over Australia. We also demand that PCR tests be made by China (that won’t work properly) before Covid 19 (a.k.a. the ‘flu) is rolled out in 2020, and that Australia buys them.’


This is suspicious, but not directly related to Australia as far as I’m aware.


Again not directly related but interesting so I put it here.


3.2.3  Port of Melbourne lease

In September 2016, the Andrews Government privatised the Port of Melbourne for a term of 50 years in return for more than $9.7 billion.

It is not sure where all the money went to. In part at least the removal of level crossings in Melbourne. It is rumoured that Danny boy got a bit of it. But these are just rumours of course. Unless you know better.


3.2.4  Euthanasia

Well, I wouldn’t mind if they applied this to Danny boy as it would saving Victoria a lot of problems right now. When people in Victoria wake up to the fact they have been made ill by the vaccines, perhaps they will agree.

Still, it was a very stupid idea to have a bill to encourage assisted dying.


Well, if big pharma, big farmer, big pig farmer etc etc had not poisoned us in the first place we would not be having this conversation, would we?

And yes, it is a slippery slope, anybody with half a brain can see that despite the snake-like words of Mr Owler. Doctors as a whole cannot be trusted any more in the mainstream because they have not been standing up against the medical tyranny foisted on us by governments who are in hoc to big pharma etc etc.

Made a bit of an ‘owler, you did Mr Owler.

Of course, having poisoned us, big pharma happy to provide the drugs to finish the job (at a suitably inflated price).

The love of money is the root of all kinds of evil.

3.3      2018 election

At the November 2018 state election, Labor won a comprehensive victory, picking up an eight-seat swing for a total of 55 seats

I gather a lot more dead people voted this time (allegedly). And I thought the resurrection of the dead took place after things got really bad, who’d have thought it eh?

3.4      Second term

In 2019, an independent tribunal granted Andrews an 11.8% salary increase, giving him a total salary of $441,000 and making him the highest-paid state premier in the country.

How much Danny paid the independent tribunal for his increase is unknown (this is mere rumour of course). Nobody in their right minds would give more money to an idiot, now would they? Would they?

I understand that

Andrews said the MP pay decision was made at arm’s length.

This is fair enough. ‘Hi independent tribunal members, let me shake your hands with a fistful of dollars.’

This may be copies of the Clint Eastwood film, unless anyone knows better.

Andrews is one of the few state politicians in Australia to have never spent a day on the backbench. He has spent his entire tenure in the Legislative Assembly as a junior minister (2002–2006), minister (2006–2010), opposition leader (2010–2014) and premier (2014–present).

However, he has more recently spent some time on his back – see personal life later. This may have been with someone in bed, I don’t know. Perhaps Victoria is to blame – see earlier re girlfriend.

He is probably the first premier to take time off for laying back and avoiding, sorry, for getting laid on his back, no, no that’s not right, for falling down stairs and injuring his back. That’s better! Don’t know which is true though.

In any event, it just goes to show he hasn’t even done any hard graft on the backbench. Twat.

Although he may have been worked on in bed on his back, if you see what I mean. Physiotherapy is very necessary for back injury. Sometimes massage parlours do this I understand. I don’t get out much.


The above talks about the bush fires. Whose bush was on fire I don’t know. Victoria’s?

Danny and the burning bush? Isn’t that in the Bible? Anybody checked? People often misquote the Bible as they have heard something from someone who heard it from someone else.

Do look things up, you might learn something, says Mo. Or Mo says. That’s a clue.

3.4.1  COVID-19 pandemic          Public opinion

I shall make some pithy comments here amongst the text. Please read carefully.

In late June 2020, cases began to rise primarily originating from breaches in hotel quarantine. On 20 June, with the state recording 25 cases

(25 cases people and you were shut down/shut yourselves down for this??!),

 Andrews mostly delayed the planned easing of restrictions and reinstated stricter home gathering rules. On 30 June, with the state recording 64 new infections

(64 news infections, people are you that dense in Victoria??!),

Andrews announced stage 3 restrictions for 10 postcodes within metropolitan Melbourne, suspended international flights and announced a judicial inquiry into the state’s hotel quarantine program

(this should have been into to whether Danny has a brain, although I can state an unequivocal, NO!).

Andrews announced a further two postcodes would return to stage 3 restrictions and a ‘hard lockdown’ of public housing towers in North Melbourne and Kensington on 4 July. The Ombudsman later criticised the timing and conduct of the lockdown as potentially violating the residents’ charter rights

(Ombudsman has some sense then).

On 7 July, Andrews announced the reimposition of stage 3 restrictions for metropolitan Melbourne and Mitchell Shire as the state recorded 191 new cases

(‘we’re all going to die, we’re all going to die!’- did you all lose your marbles??!).

Under these restriction, residents in the affected area could only leave the home for exercise, obtaining supplies, work if it couldn’t be done from home and to provide care and compassion

(how dim are you if you accepted all of this??!).

In early August 2020, following a spike in COVID-19 infections in Victoria with up to 750 new infections detected per day

(‘We’re all going to die, we’re all going to die!’- had you still lost all your marbles??!),

 Andrews declared a State of Disaster

(the disaster was electing Danny Andrews)

and announced Stage 4 lockdown rules for 31 metropolitan Melbourne municipalities and Stage 3 rules for regional parts of the state. The Stage 4 rules for Melbourne included compulsory face masks


all but essential businesses closed

(pointless but then there are/were lots of pointless businesses, so maybe this had some benefit),

residents only being allowed to leave their homes once a day to shop for essential items only

(and not allowed back in presumably, anybody check, you can’t be too careful you know??),

and once a day to exercise for a maximum of one hour

(not a minute more or you might DIE!).

Both these activities were restricted to within five kilometres of home

(I hope you took your measuring tape with you, as if you went over that distance you were going to DIE!).

All schooling was to be done remotely using electronic communication

(So that teachers did not have to get close to nasty, smelly children. Or the other way round).

A nightly curfew from 8pm to 5am was introduced

(viruses go stalking between these times exactly you know, even they are afraid of Danny boy!).

Exemptions existed for workers deemed essential

(were ladies of the night considered essential, I don’t know?).

The restrictions correlated with a reduction in the rate of infections, such that by mid-September 2020 the 14 day case average was 44.4 rather than 63 predicted by the modelling done when they were introduced

(44.4, oh no, that 0.4 is a killer!).

Restrictions began to ease from that time

(laxatives came into use, oh crap!).

On 26 October 2020, Victoria had recorded no new cases and no new deaths, its first day of no cases since early June

(but the increases in nut cases was going exponential. Mind you this started back in April on April Fools’ Day by my reckoning).

The achievement was called “Donut Day

(because of the ‘doh, nuts’, who did not use their God given brains in the first place and realise they were deceived by the ‘flu. Even Homer Simpson probably could have worked this out).

In 2021, further COVID-19 outbreaks in Victoria led to lockdowns being reinstated a further four times (is this correct?) with restrictions including a 9:00 pm–5:00 am curfew and 5 km travel limit reinstated for residents of metropolitanMelbourne (yeah, yeah, wateva).

By all the wallabies of Wallonia, what the hell were you all thinking about if you followed all of these so-called rules?? Anything at all??

The following from December 17, 2021 indicates the problems of the wretched vaccines causing case numbers to rise.


The following dated July 14th 2021


If, as many epidemiologists are saying, the so-called “light” approach is condemning Sydney to a long lockdown and exposing the rest of the country to avoidable risk

Anybody check the link?? Who are these ‘epidemiologists’?? Back of a fag packet I reckon, or finger in the air.

Well, Baldmichael has taken aim. I reckon I have scored a few ballseyes (sic). If I can do it, so can you.


Which just goes to show how Fugging stupid Danny boy is. There are two Fuggings in Austria by the way, one a hamlet and one a village by my reckoning.

Only they are pronounced ‘F-U-C-K-I-N-G’. The spelling was changed when English speakers took great amusement in pinching the signs or having their photographs taken in front of the signs.

Changing the spelling but not the sound is Fugging stupid in my books. Like Danny Andrews.

Some people are thinking Dan the man should be slapped with something harder than a fine. A brick in a sock has been suggested somewhere, but this is horrible.

It is so unkind to the brick and sock which would have to be involved. I mean, would you like to touch him??

January 11, 2022


More than 93 per cent of eligible Victorians are fully vaccinated and the state has 171,369 active cases.

‘Ug, wot does dis mean. Me no under…under…sit.’ Well, boyo, it means the vaccines are causing the case numbers to rise you see.’ (with thanks to Ivor the Engine)

January 13, 2022

‘Emergency calls in Victoria going unanswered past benchmark during Covid surge’ Oh gawd, ‘passed’ not ‘past’ you cretins. Do I have to tell you everything??! If you say yes, someone will strangle you, I promise.



Premier Daniel Andrews detailed the situation during a Covid update on Tuesday, saying more than 400 ambulance staff were unable to attend work because of isolation requirements

In other words they are fine but might need to go to the beach, shops etc etc. Let everyone else attend to those who were stupid enough to take a poisonous vaccine.

I see a Code brown has been issued at some point. I believe this is what is colloquially know as ‘the shit is about to hit the fan’.

In the case of the Australian Open tennis tournament, this is known as the shit hitting the fans watching those playing tennis. And seeing them keel over on court because they were stupid enough to have vaccines [unlike ‘NoVax’ Novac Itsnojokeavic (sic)].

‘Novax’ Novac is a sensible chap. Better off out of Victoria, a.k.a. the looney bin.

I found this in my research. It has nothing to do with Victoria except it is in New South Wales. Which is next door to Victoria.


Vaccine will not give you Covid 19. It will give you the ‘flu instead. Although it is really, really similar to the ‘flu, in fact they call it Wuhan ‘flu in some circles.That’s nice.

‘Roll up, roll up (your sleeves) for a once in a lifetime (you may be dead after being shot) opportunity to be shot, sorry, injected with a life-taking, sorry, lifesaving (terms and conditions apply – please read the small print, but it’ll fine we promise, like it was with all the other deadly, sorry, potentially lifesaving vaccines. Well, when we say lifesaving we mean it will probably be of some benefit to our coffers, sorry, your coughers. When we say probably, we mean possibly. But we are 95% certain of that. We think. etc etc.)

Still better to be safe than sorry I say. Sod the vaccine, take vitamins C and D instead. Easy.

4          Personal life

Andrews had a Roman Catholic upbringing, but rarely attends church. That doesn’t bother me in the slightest. What does bother me is his actions, his life.

The following are of note.




So was Danny pissed, it was pissing with rain and he slipped and fell?

Or was he pissed, went for a piss outside (for some reason), it was pissing with rain and he slipped and fell?

Or had it been pissing down with rain, he went outside and he slipped and fell.

I know it is possible to severely injury yourself on concrete steps as a surveyor I know did exactly that. He was taking a long time to heal so I am slightly surprised Danny boy seems to be back in action so quickly after injuring his back and breaking those ribs.

Did it really happen that way? Did he really break his back?


It is nice to know that global warming is happening isn’t it?? A nice cold spell. Not sure what this has to do with Danny boy’s fall though. Just flew in, like Covid 19, a.k.a. the ‘flu.

Premier’s wife reveals horror of seeing Daniel Andrews turning blue

I believe she thought he might be turning into a conservative, rather than a red Marxist. Enough to scare anybody.


“I’m on the ballot next year. I’m running, and I’m running to win. There’s unfinished business and I’m determined to get it done.”

In other words, he hasn’t finished buggering up Victoria (not a girlfriend, but the state – unless you know better).

Danny has been hitting back on the vile stories. This is that the vials containing the vile vaccines are venom from vipers and no wonder people are falling ill, or indeed falling down steps. Like Danny.

Common problem steps and falling. Joe Biden has had it too. Only it was up, not down I believe. Incompetent leaders often have this problem.

He said

“Politics isn’t always like that. I’ve got one of the most touching and most important messages that came to me, a text message from (former Victorian Premier) Ted Baillieu on the day of this accident, the evening of that Tuesday,” he said.

It is rumoured that this was along the lines of ‘How are you doing, you old bugger’ or something like that. Really touching and important that is Danny. Believe anything you would, Danny (it is rumoured).

I gather that Labor frontbencherTanya Pill Berserk (sic) defended Mr Andrews on Today.

“I know Dan Andrews, I know him well, and I know to keep him off work for one day is really hard, to keep him away from work for three months, recovering from a super-serious injury, would’ve been so difficult.

As he had a lot of work to do buggering up Victoria as usual. By the way, how well does Tanya know Danny??

“Here he’s had this major health incident and they’re saying it “We have to get to the bottom of it ‘We have to get to the bottom of it’.

Yeah, yeah, Danny boy fell on his bottom, broke his back, back in March, marching down the steps, whateva. Stupid arse.

Danny has been hitting back on the vile stories


“Peninsula Private Hospital Emergency Department was determined in consultation with the patient and treating paramedics. The hospital was appropriate for further investigation and treatment of the patient based on presenting symptoms and condition.”

If he was sedated how did he manage to speak. If he could hardly breathe how could he speak?

Methinks it’s all a load of bollux.

Some people think so.


His wife is Catherine Kesik. She is/was a lyer, sorry, lawyer. Helps to have a lyer, sorry, lawyer to get one out of scrapes.

In the above article it seems she has been referred to as ‘The secret weapon of labor’.

Apparently Danny and his wife hit a cyclist while she was driving. So lethal weapon more like. Mel Gibson is from Australia too, isn’t he?


He was in the opposition at the time. And this wasn’t properly handled. There’s a surprise.

Kesik reminds me of Keshik, or Keshig.


From above

Khevtuul are the night guard of the Kheshig, and were tasked with protecting the emperors and rulers while they slept in their yurt. The name “khevtuul”, literally means “ones that are lying” on something

“ones that are lying” reminds me of lawyers for some reason. See earlier.


Ms Andrews says she came from a family that was not really that interested in politics and she was not doing particularly well with her political studies at the time.

Mr Andrews helped out and her grades started lifting.

I gather this was from dumbest to dumber, not quite so dumb (allegedly).

“I was seeing someone. I broke up with that person and started seeing Daniel straight away because he was the one.”

One what exactly? Doubrey? Dick Head? Head Dick? Head Dunce? Dan-gerous??

She says she always knew he was going to work hard and do good things.

A little bird said that she actually said he was going to be hard work, but that seems unlikely. ‘Do good things’ seems even more unlikely.

5          Discography

5.1      Featured singles

I thought this meant Danny had taken up a new career.

The poster says keep up your spirits. Yet the song is about beers. I am confused. Does this mean you should drink whiskey at the same time??

“You won’t be able to go to the pub because the pub is shut. That doesn’t mean you can have all your mates around to (your) home and get on the beers, that’s not appropriate. It’s not essential, it’s not needed, and all it will do is spread the virus.”

And presumably allow people to talk about how Fugging stupid Dan the Dunce Andrews is. And Dan doesn’t want that, does he?


The following are of interest, including comments. Sub links in comments worth checking.


And this.


How about these selections, full and part anagrams?

Full name Daniel Michael Andrews – 20 letters, 12 individual letters, so reasonably significant.

Casehardened – a nut case, lots of rising cases of Covid 19, a.k.a. poisoning by vaccine.

Childminder – not when he is promoting them to children.  I won’t trust him with a banana, republic or otherwise. Will Victoria became a banana republic?

Too late, the population has gone bananas by and large already.

Merchandised – ah yes, the merch-andised of the beast.

Salamandrine – like a lizard. Yup, that figures. Cold-bloody (sic) barstard. Sorry, that should have read cold-bloody sick barstard.

Schneiderian – no snide remarks please about him. On second thoughts…

Arachnidism – spiders. Who is he spying for?

Archenemies – True. Satan the arch enemy, the fallen arch angel.

Archimedean – like the screw. Screwing Victoria (still not sure if this is his girlfriend).

Canadianism – like poor Canada at the moment. Like Turdeau. A shit filled water hole. Poor Canada. Poor Victoria. No wonder Queen Victoria was not amused.

Cinderellas – a load of balls from Daniel.

Caramelised – you can get stuck in toffee. People stuck in Victoria with useless Dan ‘de rough’ Andrews. Presumably that is why there was the heavy snow fall. Wash your hair properly Danny, me boy!

Clearheaded – certainly not, whatever next!

Dardanelles – a  disaster happened there in WW1. History repeating itself in Victoria.

Delaware – where Joe Biden comes from. Oh dear.

Misalliance – with China?

Radicalised – as in radical on the left. True.

Swell-headed – quite.

Mishandle – quite.

Childermas – Holy Innocents day. He has destroyed the little children.

Jesus says

‘Whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it would be better for him if a millstone were hung around his neck, and he were drowned in the depth of the sea. Woe to the world because of offenses! For offenses must come, but woe to that man by whom the offense comes!’


Charnels – for the dead (from the vaccine, lockdown suicides etc.)

Medicals – pointless PCR tests from the PRC (Peoples Republic of China).

Waldheim – an Austrian connection. Mmm…remind me who came from Austria, it has slipped my mind for the moment.

Amnesic – conveniently forgotten the truth have we Daniel?

Arsenic – poisonous. OK.

Aldrich – old ruler (presumably rich too). He has been in power far too long. Since he started in politics I reckon. Enriched himself at the expense of others.

Crime – against Victoria, of course.

Sardine  -squashed you all in to your homes in lockdown. At least, you believed him for some reason and let him do it. Silly billys aren’t you.

AAAS childminder newel – Mmm… the AAAS keeps coming upon my radar. American Association for the Advancement of Science. Interesting…

Aachen medial swindler – of course.

Aachen arse windmilled – waving his hands in the air in panic mode. Or signalling to the CCP in China. Or the Nazis in Germany more likely.

Aachen Daimler swindle – the German connection, rather than The French Connection.

I am Aachen Dresden will – very German connection.

Aachen Darline mildews – darling of the mouldy Germans perhaps.

Ardelle maniacs whined – fine with that.

Swell-headed maniac – perfect description, just perfect!!

Swineherd maniacal – you couldn’t make this up!!

Wheedlers maniacal – still good.

heed swindler maniacal – are you still heeding this brainless idiot (that’s Daniel ‘Boy oh boy’ Andrews, not me).

Dr needles whi maniacal – reminds you of the mad doctors giving you the needles. Whi? Whi not.

Amandi children weasel – weasely distinguished.

Amandie children weals – beating the children leaving marks on them, marks and Marx of the beast, black Marx, black soul black.

Andrew inhale medicals – I wouldn’t inhale anything big pharma wish to sell for profit. Let alone anything from big pharma quite frankly.

Anarchies Damien dwell – reminds me of ‘The Omen’ film.

Dianna crime swellhead – There is a Dianna Argron. She is an activist for LGBT+ rights and is Jewish, an Ashke-nazi Jew. A Jew outwardly then, not inwardly. Not sure what this has to do with ‘Hot Rod Dan’ though.  Another girlfriend perhaps?

Adelle Darwin machines – ‘welcome to the machine’, con-veyor belt of death.

Adena Darwin schlemiel – Schlemiel (Yiddish: שלומיאל; sometimes spelled shlemiel or shlumiel) is a Yiddish term meaning “inept/incompetent person” or “fool”.



This explains everything. Honestly people, how did you ever start to think you should elect Dandruff Dan as Lord High Persecutor, sorry premier, of Victoria??

Alan Darwinism leeched – I’ll go with that, leeching the wealth from Victoria.

Alane Darwinism leched – ‘Something for the weekend sir? That’ll do nicely.’

Allende ache Darwinism – seems quite remote link to Danny, but Allende ‘… was influenced by Professor Max Westenhofer’ Max published on the Aquatic Ape Hypothesis. He was a Darwinist. And German. Mmm…

Lewder shamanic denial – amazing!

Ace had mRNA swindle lie – sums it up I think.

Edwardian – despite being Victorian

Adelaide – not in Victoria last time I looked. Unless this is yet another girlfriend.

Aldwin arse end – fell on his bottom, didn’t he (allegedly).

Aachen dim indwell arse – well, why not??

Alden arse wind – as in ‘Arse, wind and fire’!!!


Well there you have him. And as far as I’m concerned you can keep him, we definitely don’t need him here in the UK, we have enough problems of our own.

He is a career politician, driving Victoria round the bend, careering into a car wreck of a demolition job on the health, wealth and general sanity of the Victorians.

Why the hell did you elect him in the first place? Or did they cheat like the democrats in the USA?

What are you going to do about it? Sit on you backsides and complain? Or start galvanizing yourselves, girding up your loins as the Good Book says, and becoming lions, not wimps.

I’ve done my best for you over here in the UK. I have given you some ammo.

Now it’s your turn, over to you.

P.S. There is a beautiful song from Ireland, Danny Boy.

Seems a pity to associated it with our Danny Boy here, but needs must I suppose.  So I have adapted the lyrics to make more sense for Daniel Michael Andrews.

“Danny Boy”

Oh Danny boy, the police, the police are calling

From Glen to Glen, and down the Mountain Gate^

The Sumner’s^ gone, and all the Roses# falling

It’s you, it’s you must go and I must bide.

But on ye back when Sumner’s in the Meadow’s^

Or when the valley’s^ hushed and white with snow>

And I’ll be here in Sunshine^ or in shadow

Oh Danny boy, oh Danny boy, I hate you so.

But when ye come, and all the child’rn are dying

If I am dead, as dead I well may be*

I’ll come and find the place where you are lying

And kneel and say a sod off@ there from me.

And with my beer, though soft I tread upon ye

And all Mulgrave$ will warmer, sweeter be

For I will bend and tell you that I hate you

And I shall take the piss, until you’re dead you see.

^Refers to suburbs in Melbourne.

# Roses may be other girlfriends, allegedly.

>From global warming (sic)??

*dead from the vaccine.

@Sod as in turf of course.

$Where Danny and family currently live

If you are interested, please see the following links.

Australia Coronavirus Statistics

Wuhan ‘flu

Jay Robert Pritzker


Author: alphaandomega21

Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector'sson. When not posting pages or paging posties, trying to be a good husband, and getting over a long term health issue, I am putting the world to rights. I have nothing better to do, so why not? But of course that includes dancing, being funny (in more than one sense), poking fun at life, poking fun at myself, deflating the pompous, reflating the sad. Seeking to heal the whole of the soul (and body where possible). In short making life as good as it possibly can be for others as well as myself. You can't say fairer than that. But if you can, please say. People need to know.

3 thoughts on “Daniel Andrews”

    1. Indeed so, well said. And here’s the thing; Victoria’s Secret is a brand of sexy lingerie. It sells bras.

      If I may say bras support tits. Daniel Andrews, current premier of Victoria is a tit. By extension, he wears bras in his spare time (these are just rumours and no doubt untrue).

      But he is still a tit. Victoria must have really loved him to elect him. Hopefully she is not so keen on him now. Different second letters fit into elect to replace the ‘L’. J comes to mind. Perhaps Victoria might think so to and eject him.

      As to any girl friend (s), others might like to dig to check this out. Danny is so full of himself that some women may fall for his so called charm (!) and power (Mmm…).


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