Marco Mendicino – minister of public safety, Canada

By Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

14th February, 2022.

This is not a joke. Canada is being poisoned by pointless vaccines etc. and there is a minister for public safety who thinks these are a ‘Good Idea’.

He says vaccines are the gate way to freedom. Gate way, gate way…mmm…gate rings a bell. Can’t put my finger on it right now.

Still, he is a Marco so what do you expect. In the end times and in due course a new beginning, Marco is Italian for Mark. He is part of the beastly Canadian government under Justin ‘I can’t speak right now, as there is a two foot high toddler waving a flag at me and he might hurt me’ Trudeau.

This therefore makes him one of the many ‘Marks of the beast’. Nice to know that.

Not that I fancy knowing him. I think I could lend him a solid pair of concrete wellingtons as he walks by the St Lawrence River. It is icy I gather, and accidents can happen, sadly.

He probably realises this, and that if vaccines cause harm and death, well that’s just the way things are, accidents will happen.

There’s not much on him in Wikipedia

Mendicino was born to Italian immigrant parents.[2]

He is a Leo, born July 28, 1973. Like George Soros born 12th August, 1930. It must be realised that George is a lion of Judah in saying he is a Jew.

Just not a good Jew who do what is right from the heart, because they want to, but a very, very bad Jew, one who says he is a Jew but is not, because he is not one inwardly. He is of the synagogue of Satan.

He studied political science at Carleton University,

I gather this was founded in 1942. Mmm… 42 the ultimate answer etc.

 before attending law school at the University of Windsor.

A Catholic founded university. Not surprising I suppose with Italian background.

Later in his career he also studied human resources management at York University‘s Schulich School of Business.[3] 

This was founded by Seymour Schulich who is Jewish and who funds universities and health care.

He worked as a federal prosecutor for ten years,

And now as a federal persecutor. Did I spell persecutor right?

during which time he was involved in the handling of the Toronto 18 terrorism case.[4] 

There are some serious issues about him here for further research.

He also worked for the Law Society of Upper Canada, served as the president of the Association of Justice Counsel, and taught as an adjunct professor at Osgoode Hall Law School.[4]

I can’t find him on notable alumni list of Osgoode Hall. So presumably not that good then.

He is essentially a lawyer who became a politician. Like Kier Starmer in the UK.


Marco Mendicino – 9 individual letters 14 total

The anagrams are very revealing, quite extraordinary I would say. You can check yourselves of course. Here’s a few part anagrams.

Condemn – he condemns the truckers protest.

Demonic – well, that figures.

Iodine – he is in charge of health. Iodine used in past for treating wounds as antiseptic. And still should be.

Macron – that would explain a lot to those of us who see what the ‘God with us’ French cretin is doing right now. Or should I say doing wrong now.

Monied – he is quite well off and has done well out the pandemic for some reason. I wonder why?

Income – yes, ok, he has an income so what, many do? Except perhaps those whose livelihoods are ruined because of people like him.

Who gets an income via taxpayers. And from other sources no doubt, it is alleged.

Nico – what is he nic(k)ing, I wonder. Jesus said something about hating the deeds of the Nicolaitans.

As an aside, what about Nicola-i-tans? I am thinking about Nicola Sturgeon who is a bit fishy of course!!

Rome – ah yes, Rome sweet Rome, home of paedophilia priests, Vatican City home of ‘Vaccination’ or ‘Icon Vatican’, and the  Pantheon where just in case they will cover all possible gods except God Himself who is a bit peeved at this.

And the ruin of the Coliseum, where Christians were thrown to lions etc.

Wikipedia says

In 217, the Colosseum was badly damaged by a major fire (caused by lightning, according to Dio Cassius)


An inscription records the restoration of various parts of the Colosseum under Theodosius II and Valentinian III (reigned 425–455), possibly to repair damage caused by a major earthquake in 443

Severe damage was inflicted on the Colosseum by the great earthquake in 1349’

God says He hopes people have got the point He was a bit peeved. He doesn’t like people messing with His children. He is going to have words with the pope.

God is the heavenly Father not the pope, so God has a lot to say. He will use some strong language before throwing the false prophet into the lake of fire.

Nero – fiddled while Rome burned they say. Playing the liar (sic). What a lyre (sic) Nero was. Fiddled the books no doubt.

Full anagrams

Ac denim omicron – the current variant?? Gives you the blues, the blue genes (sic)! Jean-etic damage perhaps. Such as with Downs Syndrome etc.perhaps.

Ac mined moronic – enough said.

Acid men moronic – the drug addicts. I don’t just mean the heroin, cocaine etc, I also mean those on prescription drugs via government, kindly funded by taxpayers.

Acne dim moronic – very moronic then and spotty. Possibly a rash caused by vaccines. Like measles, chicken pox etc in part no doubt caused by vaccines. Anybody checked?

Ace Comdr minion – not sure if he is a top commander or a minion. Well, top of his field (i.e. best of a bad bunch, or should that be worst?).

And a slave, a puppet to George Sorearse and Rome, Vatican City.

Comrade minion c – plays on the left wing then.

Ac Cindie Mormon – bit like ja-cindie (sic) the moron (sick) of New Zealand.

A meconic nimrod – the mighty hunter who rebelled against God and set up Baby-lon, the baby way. He drivels a lot does dear Marco.

Meconic acid is a dicarboxylic acid.

Ok, so rather like a load of bolicx (sic).

Derives from poppies. More drugs then? ‘Sleep, sleep, we can take your money, sleep, sleep.’

Acme icon nimrod – The best icon of Nimrod. Or I con of Nimrod. Same difference.

Acme Nico nimrod – ok, ok I get the point.

Cain come nimrod – ooooh, Cain as well eh? Don’t think he was too fond of his brother Abel. Jesus was able. It says so in Hebrews.

‘Jesus is Able to Help Those Who Are Tempted’. And Satan struck Him down. But Jesus the faithful Son was raised by the Father of course.

Cocaine midmorn – more drugs, oh dear, no surprise. In the morning. What is Marco on?

A demonic micron –  a small demon. As I said, a minion.

AEC mind moronic – ok.  

Acme din moronic – yup.

An medic moronic – yup.

And mice moronic – really? Ok, why not.

Demonic Romanic – out of Rome, the Vatican. Told you. And ro-manic, md quite mad.

Mr demonic a coin – or ‘a icon’ of course.

Cain demonic ROM – welcome to the Matrix.

I macron demonic – well we knew that I hope.

Medici macron no – the Medici family are reputed to have poisoned their enemies. This is happening to today with vaccines of course, as has been the case for decades.

The Medici’s were also bankers. As I say, reputed to have poisoned their enemies. With toxic loans may be?

Cancer mini doom – they say this will occur via vaccines. Mind you, been going for years. I am a little annoyed at this, just a smidgen. Well, ok perhaps a bit more than that.

Comedian micron – not that funny mate.

Condo main crime – is he making money from high condominium prices. Anybody want to research please?

Ian condom crime – Mmm…can you put condoms on needles? After all needles prick you.

Do manic no crime – Bob Marley said ‘no woman, no cry’. Personally I count Marco’s madness a crime, and I don’t think he should get away with murder.

Acridon n commie – commie obvious I hope but acridone, well see here.

You may not know this but have been aware for a while. Akridōn is translated ‘locust’ in scripture in Revelation 9:7. This is related to current events. There is much more to unpack which I do know, but please bear in mind.

Acrid one icon mm – Mm… acrid one icon, interesting.

Con mime acridon – all a con regarding need for masks, vaccines etc. The locusts devour everything, health, wealth, sanity.

Unless you don’t take the mark of the beast and are sealed with the Holy Spirit.

Mr Dominion Ceca – I believe caca can mean poop, excrement.

Ceca may refer to this.

Some people say the climate change crisis is shit in so many words, but rather more politely.

I tend to agree with this. At 62 years old now I am weensy bit suspicious of those making large amount of money.

Coercion mad min – ‘Get the vax and you will die! Oh, er, sorry, I meant, get the vax and we are sure you won’t die ever by with or from the vax. Probably anyway, and we have the small print on the labels just to make sure we don’t get sued.’

Rome Dominican C – is that the Holy ‘C’?

Rome Cid conman I – el cid, go tell cid (sic), it’s all a con. Vaccines, masks, herd immunity etc etc.

Mad Mic Nero icon – ‘to be sure, to be sure, ‘tis mad Mick here, de icon of Nero himself.’

In Italian

Plus meanings in English:

Indemoniamo – ‘we have demons.’ Of course.

Encomiamoci – let’s commend ourselves – isn’t Trudeau’s government doing well? Well, let’s see now, how much do Canadians owe to banks, and what have we spent, and how’s the economy and how many people falling ill from vaccines etc. etc. I think that’s a big NO!, don’t you.

Mediarci – ‘mediate’. Don’t think he’s talking to the father truckers or the mother truckers. Coward.


See, told you.

Mediarmi – see above.

Medicano – ‘medicate’. Er, no thank you.

Medicami – ‘medicate me’. Look I’ve already told you, no thank you.

Medicaci – ‘medicate us’. #”£$%&**-(!!! What aspect of NO do you not understand???

Hang on, you are asking us to medicate you and Justin perhaps. Sure thing. How many Pfizer shots until they work. 7 is it? Let’s keep going until they do work. Include the whole cabinet while we are at it.

Mediocri – ‘mediocre’. That’s better. When I say better, at least you are admitting you are not very good. That’s putting it mildly.

Mendacio – ‘lie’. Oh your admitting it now? A bit late for that mate.

Mendarci – ‘lying’ Yeah, yeah you can grovel, you’ll get no mercy from me.

Mendarmi – ‘beg me’. It’s you beg me, plead with me, not the other way round you beggar (sic).

Mendiamo – ‘we beg’. Blaming others a swell are we? That won’t save you.

CNR medicina omo – This possibly means ‘homo medicine’. In Japanese ‘Omo’ means ‘main’ I think. Perhaps medicine for homo-sexuals? Not good medicine for anybody.

CNR (Canadian Natural Resources ).

I wonder how many workers will choose to be poked pointlessly? Depend whether they don’t mind possibly being maimed for life and not working again.

Still, it’s a risky job in the North Sea, so what’s one more risk eh?

Accendi mormoni – ‘turn on Mormons’. Turn on what exactly?? Sounds dodgy to me.


Following from interview in  

Please notice he is straightening his tie in the picture of him. About the only thing straight about him. Questions and answers from the above link.

Q: Do you have a good voice?

A: Depends who you ask. As a boy I attended St. Michael’s Choir School, and we sang for Pope John Paul II in 1980.

I sure the pope ‘likes’ little boys, like his six pests, sorry, six priests.

Sex sacerdotes is six priests in Latin. Explains a lot.

Q: You’re a former federal prosecutor. Why switch to politics?
A: My career has always bent toward public service. I’ve served federally; I’ve volunteered locally. And as the descendant of Italian immigrants who came here with very little, I want to contribute in the greatest way I can.

Editors’ note. I believe there should be a full stop after bent. This would make better sense.

Q: What was your most riveting case as a prosecutor?
I worked on the Toronto 18 case, which involved a group of radicalized individuals who were plotting to blow up the Toronto Stock Exchange and storm the CBC, CSIS and the Parliament Buildings.

It is rumoured that ‘…radicalized individuals…’ included ‘Black face’ Trudeau, but these are just rumours of course. Unless you know better.

Q: Where do you stand on the following: gay marriage, abortion, income splitting?
A: I support gay marriage and a woman’s right to choose; I’m opposed to income splitting because it disproportionately favours the richest parts of society.

Well I think marriages should be gay or happy as my understanding of the word is. A miserable marriage is not much fun.

As regards abortion, well sadly this was not an option in Marco’s case otherwise we would have been spared his stupidity etc.

Q: In your victory speech, you called out Joe Oliver, saying “We’re coming after you.” Defeating a sitting finance minister is rare. What’s your plan?
To hold him to account for a woeful economic record: 1.7 million Canadians out of work, a federal debt of more than $600 billion, eight straight years of deficit budgets. And he’s got no answers.

I found this.

So, supplementary question Mr Mendacious (look it up if you need to), what did you spend the money on, eh??

Oh, and how many out of work now?

Don’t you have the answers?? I have to hurry you as Magnus Magnusson said in mastermind……….times up. No answers either then.

Let me see mmm…

1.9 million workers lost their jobs in April alone. A further 1.1 million people were not included in StatCan’s official jobless total because they have stopped looking for a job.

This 2020 of course. I wonder what 2021 actually shows? Anyone help?

And, with respect, you do?
I can listen, understand ideas and articulate them. When it comes to the economy, Mr. Harper and Mr. Oliver are just not listening.

But I, Marco Mend-a-hole-in-my-budget, do bugger all about the economy except bugger it up as usual.

And you have no answers do you, Marco?

What would you say if Trudeau asked you to fall in line with his position on a certain issue?
There are some topics that he has said are non-starters for debate. Luckily, we’re aligned on those. For others, he’s open and willing to listen to his party and to his constituents, and I think that’s a refreshing quality in a leader.

What would you do if ‘…Trudeau asked you to fall in line…’? If you ‘fell in line’ would this mean you actually did have the Pfizer vaccines after all and fell over because of it??

The topics that are non-starters would be what exactly? Not starting the economy but stopping it perhaps? Yup, you and Justin ‘Just do as I say, not do as I do’ Trudeau etc.

Or would it be agreeing on accepting bribes from big pharma etc?? Just asking.

Justin is open and willing to listen to his party and to his constituents. I take it that’s those who agree with him that he is Jesus Christ reborn. And only those in his party and constituents, not the rest of the country who he treats like counts (phonetically speaking).

Justin and Marco ‘Polo or polio’ Mendicino both want to lord it over the people of Canada.

That makes them both counts of the country (phonetically speaking). Let him (or her) who has ears to hear, let him (or her) hear.


That’s enough for now. How do we summarise? To misquote the phrase, ‘There are lawyers, damn lawyers, and politicians.’

So Mark of the beast I think.

Or, in Italian, Marchio della Bestia.

As referred to earlier, you Marco are reported as saying in your victory speech, that you called out Joe Oliver, saying “We’re coming after you.”

Now we are coming after you, Marco Mendicino.

P.S. I am hoping to a bit more at some point, but I am working on a post on the fall of Singapore to the Japanese on the 15th February, 1942, 80 years ago. I am wondering if this will be significant in current events. Please be aware and on you guard.

In the meantime if you haven’t by any chance seen these links you may wish to view.

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